Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Dar es Salaam Insitute of Technology Principal honored DIT Google Team “The google geeks”

As the institute's culture,DIT awards the students who have toped their class for each academic year.
Normally the awards are presented to these students during the best students ceremony which is always conducted one week prior to the institute's graduation ceremony.

This year the ceremony was conducted at the institute function hall “ASA LOUNGE” on January 18th ,2013 in which the guest of honor were Mrs Christine Kilindu who is the Director of  Confederation of Tanzania Industries.

During the ceremony the guest of honor together with the principal awarded the best students and also issued a special statement to honor the Dar es Salaam Institute of Technology Google Team,”The Google Geeks”.The Principal honored the team for their exceptional contribution in making DIT community active in terms of technology and urge the team to continue with the energy they have shown so far.
Mr Ashery Mbilinyi who is the Google Student Ambassador for DIT and the founder and leader of the team,praised the recognition they have received by the principal and promised to put much more energy.

“We are very happy for the recognition we have received .We cant real say we have done a lot so far as most of our goals are not yet accomplished. We have mapped the whole university campus during Africa Map Up week and held 7th position between 65 African Sub Saharan Africa Universities and held small trainings to our fellow students about Google Apps and Google's APIs. We have also created google groups for each class in computer studies department as a start and deployed Google Apps for Education with Students Organization (DITSO) domain www.ditso.ac.tz.Currently we are working on registering students to start using firstname.lastname@ditso.ac.tz email address which is g mail in back end. A DIT where students will practice and live technology everyday is our dream” Ashery said

Currently the team have 8 members who are Ashery Mbilinyi BEng10 Computer Engineering,Emmanuel Mboso BEng10 Computer Engineering,Abdul Bashiru,Elibariki Augustino,Joseph Luvanda and Steve Mgaya who are both BEng11 Computer Engineering,Michael Mjata BEng11 Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering and John Mwangulangu BEng12 Computer Engineering but is open for any DIT student passionate with tech who will want to join.

For more information please visit:http://goo.gl/pLH2v

The DIT Principal introducing the Google Geeks to DIT Community during Best Students Ceremony
DIT Google Geeks pose for a picture with Principal,Guest of Honor and other college administration officials.