Wednesday, October 23, 2013

International Google Workshop with 19 nationals and 3 Indian GSA(s)

During my 3 month(August-October) training on "Specialized Web Applications Development on Open Source tools" @ CDAC Noida-India,i decided to organize a workshop on Google apps for my classmates  who are IT professionals working for their governments from 19 countries as explained below;

Agenda :
The overall theme of the event was on how efficiently and collaboratively we as civil servants can be in our daily our jobs using Google Apps. 29 civil servants from 19 different countries were trained on specific Google Apps (Drive, Docs, Google+ , Google Hangouts ) that serves these purposes.

Target Audience:
29 international civil servants from 19 countries:
Tanzania,Nigeria, Mauritius, Sierra Leone, Afghanistan, Myanmar, Ethiopia, Madagascar, Tajikistan, Libya, Mongolia, Bhutan, Uganda, Cuba, Sudan, Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Uzbekistan,Ivory Coast

Venue: CDAC-Noida
Date: October 15th ,2013

About the Workshop:
It was a very interactive session with such a nice audience . I started the session by introducing myself and then the 3 Indian Google Student Ambassadors(GSA) whom i invited to workshop.Then Manoj Bingi(GSA-IIT Delhi) started the session with  Google Docs and then ended with a Hand-on Session (Demonstration) .
The Hand-On session was the best part as all  people practiced what they have been presented before on their PCs.They were excited,very excited.We were moving around their desks to provide any assistance they need.

A brief presentation about Google Drive was the 2nd session and was done by Pranshoo Srivastava (GSA-IEC College of Engineering and Technology) which was accompanied by an awesome and interactive hands-on session.

At the End of session when we asked “What is Google? Is it only a search Engine?” then we got such nice answers: “Google is everything”, “1..2…3…Google” , “Google is Everywhere” 
As we moved more closer to our last part of Google Hangout which were handled by Pranshoo Srivastava and Jas Singh Bhasin(GSA-Amity University) ,we've noticed that the audience were more interested on demo session of Hangout when at the same time all 4 of us done a Hangout in class with some Audience by inviting them also to have Experience the Hangout.
Many questions were asked by the audience and we also tried to give them best answers we had. It was a very healthy session with such a nice audience from different parts of the world.I learned alot  from this international community and also from newly met friends whom we made a great team with a such a short time,i am talking about these 3 Indian GSAs.

Thanks to:
Obum Okeke-University Programs Lead-Google Sub Saharan Africa
Deepak Sridhar-University Programs Lead-Google India
Pranshu Srivastava(GSA-IEC College of Engineering and Technology);
Manoj Bingi(Google Student Ambassador(GSA)-IIT Delhi);
Jas Singh Bhasin(GSA-Amity University);

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Thank You


  1. A session to International Community. Awesome day it is..!!
    The response and feedback they gave after the session boosted me up for my further presentation. Looking forward for more sessions with similar flavor.

    Thanks Ashery and Google for suach a wonderful opportunity.. :)

    1. thanks manoj!it has been a pleasure for me.

  2. Thanks a lot Google and Ashery for the wonderful experience and hope we all will meet again soon .
    All the best to everyone :)

    1. thanks alot for your collaboration pranshu!we made a great team!!